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We strive to provide non-profits with affordable professional services so they can focus their time, efforts and money on their mission.

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Caleb Guthrie, the founder of Custom Crate, worked in the non-profit community for nearly five years before creating this business. While working in the field he noticed a common theme between non-profits of all sizes. Most organizations face the difficult task of how to handle their marketing & design needs. Many non-profits take a band-aide approach to this problem, while tolerating the long term effect they may have.

Here are some examples of how non-profits try to handle their marketing and design needs:

Some organizations use part time hires with limited experience who usually only stay until they find a better opportunity, often a full time opportunity somewhere else.

Some non-profits do hire a full time employee, but only part of their responsibilities are directed toward marketing and design efforts. This can lead to a stressful and/or frustrating situations where someone experienced in marketing and design is not able to focus their talents and training on their specialty. These employees also often leave quickly for other opportunities and in addition they are more expensive than using a part-time employee.

Other non-profits put inexperienced employees in charge of marketing and design projects they do not fully understand or have the skills to complete effectively. This can create stressed and unhappy employees as well as low quality results.

Each of these situations result in marketing and design projects being put on the back burner as an afterthought. Most of these solutions result in non-professional results and expensive costs. In addition, any time an employee leaves there are extra costs associated with bringing on a new employee. Also, keep in mind that if non-profits attempt to create marketing and design materials in-house they need the proper equipment, with the necessary software and people who know how to use both. Custom Crate's aim is to provide non-profits with professional marketing and design service on a contract basis AND at an affordable cost.

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What People Are Saying

"Caleb gives creative insight and direction while he works diligently to deliver a product everyone is happy with. He takes the time to know his client, and works well with others, a true team player."

Rebecca Rekeweg
Director of Volunteer Engagement
United Way of Midland County

"The nature of non-profit work is changing daily and we all need to find new ways to stand above the rest!   Custom Crate, under the creative eye of Caleb Guthrie, crafts that unique message and distinctive style with your specific needs and budget in mind."

Thom Pepe
Senior Director, Community Impact & Engagement
Great Lakes Loons

"It's great to have a local marketing option in the Great Lakes Bay Region such as Custom Crate for non-profits who don't need (or can't afford) a full-time marketing staff member. Caleb will provide affordable and customized services to help ensure consistent messaging and branding."

Ann Fillmore
Senior Nonprofit Business Consultant & Executive Advisor
Omni Tech International Ltd

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