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Value proposition
Services built to support non-profit organizations.
We operate out of the Great Lakes Bay Region in Michigan.
10AM - 4PM Monday - Thursday
11AM - 2PM Friday
CONTACT Information
Current staff

Founder & Project Director

Caleb Guthrie
Midland born and raised Caleb has a passion for the arts and his community. He is active with the Midland Young Professionals and is on their steering committee. He graduated from the Leadership Midland program in 2015 and also sits on the steering committee. Caleb enjoys attending the wide assortments of family friendly events throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region.
Freelance Design
- 8 years
Communication Design
- 4 years
Apparel Design
- 2 years

Saginaw Valley State University
- BFA Graphic Design
Frequently asked questions


What items classify as 'Project Hours'?
Project Hours pertain specifically to the time spent working on your marketing and design projects. That is the time that our staff is sitting down and designing your materials or writing your content. Email and phone communications do not fall under Project Hours so do not hesitate to reach out to us whenever you have any questions pertaining to your projects.
Does Custom Crate send my materials to vendors and printers?
Custom Crate provides clients with finished files. The client is then able to take the work and have it printed or produced wherever they would think best.
Can I change my subscription level?
Yes, Custom Crate subscriptions can be upgraded at any time. So if you purchase the Bronze Subscription and later realize you need more project hours you are allowed to upgrade to a higher subscription (Silver or Gold) at any time. Yearly subscription can also be modified to a smaller subscription level after the annual contract has expired.
Does Custom Crate post web graphics for me online?
Custom Crate does not have access to clients social media or websites, therefore, we provide our clients with finished files which client then posts on their own website and social media profiles as they deem best.
Does Custom Crate provide services for organizations other than non-profits?
At this time Custom Crate is dedicated to only servicing the non-profit community, which is our mission.
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