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Our Services

Eblasts, Newsletters, Promotion Graphics, whether weekly, monthly or quarterly
Web Graphics
Social Media Graphics, Web Banners, Photography
Print Media
Flyers, Posters, Brochures, Business Cards, Booklets, Annual Reports
More To Come
Be on the look out for new services to be added in the future!
Presentation Materials
PowerPoint Slideshows, Infographics, Graphs, Charts
Promotional Designs
Event Banner Designs, T-shirt Designs, Merchandise, Signage
Additional SErvices

Services by Custom Crate are done by subscription. There are three different subscription levels (details below) with each subscription lasting for twelve months. Along with the above service areas Custom Crate includes additional services for its clients depending on the package they choose such as storing your design files from previous years to reuse or update. Custom Crate will also share your organizations Facebook posts to help you reach additional people.

Planning in advance will be a tremendous help to making your subscription be as productive as possible. Custom Crate will send out a communication to your organization towards the end of each month to help begin planning for the upcoming months projects. Unlike hiring for one project at a time with other solutions, like freelance or ad agencies, Custom Crate will be in your corner through the entire year. Custom Crate will be an addition to your team as a member who is invested not only in assisting you with your marketing and design needs but also with learning and understanding your goals and values. We will also share helpful tips and resources to help increase the effectiveness of your materials.

Our subscriptions

Professional services customized to fit your budget.

Subscription #1
Silver Subscription
Gold Subscription
Bronze Subscription
How non-profit organizations can save money with Custom Crate services:

Consider with me the scenario where a non-profit organization hires a part-time employee to handle their marketing and design needs.  Let’s assume, in this scenario, this part-time employee is paid a base wage of $10/hour for 20 hours of work a week.  To make things simple we will calculate the costs for just 50 weeks of work/year, which results in a final annual cost of $10,000.

Two of the most important things a non-profit will find difficult to find in this situation is an employee with experience and commitment.  Really this is only a band aid solution.  Often the content produced by such an employee will likely not be of a high quality.  In addition, the non-profit will find it difficult to retain a good part-time employee, if indeed one is able to be found.  The reason why is simple – such a part-time employee, especially if they are good, will most likely be continually searching for full-time employment opportunities and/or a position with more compensation for their skill set.

With Custom Crate we are here to provide non-profits with experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable marketing and graphic design support to meet there specific needs.  This is done by offering three different subscription options to fit their budget needs.

Using Custom Crate means a non-profit gets professional services such as:

  • Communications
  • Web Graphics
  • Print Media
  • Presentation Materials
  • Promotional Designs
  • And more!

Also using Custom Crate means a non-profit does NOT pay for:

  • Any benefits: health insurance, life insurance, dental or eye insurance
  • Any office space or utilities
  • Any office items such as: a computer, software, desk, paper/pens/ink
  • Any 401K or retirement contributions
  • Any vacations, sick days or paid holidays
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